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A Month of Craftyn: Changes and Additions

Hello Craftyn!

It's been an entire month of giggles and tears since our server went up, and we appreciate everybody's patience as we smooth out some wrinkles during this time. We would also like to thank you all for your continued participation in our community and its growth. In celebration of Retro's first month, we are happy to announce a few new changes to our server:

The Helper Role
We are excited to introduce our newest addition to the community, the Helper role! This role is pertained to guiding, assisting, and enforcing rules to uphold the server's vision when a moderator is not available.
The Helper Role will have access to /mute and /kick as a method to discipline rule offenders. While the Helper role was created to direct players with questions and/or concerns, it is not expected for them to know the answers/solutions to all problems. It is also not mandatory for Helpers to engage in their role responsibilities actively, but simply when they are able to.

We'd like to welcome players SonicAliMan, travelgurl, nattov, and ShinyGiraffe to our team as the first Craftyn Helpers. These players have demonstrated the highest integrity when engaging in our community, and we believe that they will be able to assist in the server's growth even further. We'd like to thank them for choosing to become an example for community members to look up to. Be sure to get to know our new Helpers as they'll be lending a helpful hand and watchful eye!

A Staff in Training
We'd would also like to welcome player Tannthekilla onto our official moderating team! Tann will be begin as a Helper as we work towards forming our staff team, but awaiting promotion to Tyro. We recognize this...
Our server opens Saturday, March 16th. 8:00 PM Central Timezone (GMT-5). // 1.13.2

Our Limitless Sky
Hello everyone! We are happy to announce the revival of our beloved Craftyn community with a new twist! Though continuing the traditional Towny set up, we are shaping the server to include exciting features, contests, aesthetics, and monthly events with prizes absolutely worth your while. Ranging from new ways to earn exclusive items to a rotating event schedule- we are excited to show what we have in store for you all.

Transparency & Community
But that’s not the only thing included in our twist! Craftyn Retro is going to be redefining what it means to be a community by encouraging transparency and interaction across the server. Our vision is to create a bridge between players and the staff team by a variety of methods, including but not limited to:
  • Publicizing staff processes
  • Emphasizing the community’s opinions in server decisions
  • Monthly player/staff recognition through nominations (With awards!)
Our server will be focused on establishing openness, trust, and safetyamong all players. Craftyn Retro is here for you, and we will absolutely ensure a positive environment to play within. Because at the end of the day, there is always a human being behind the screen and anything could be going on in their life. We want our community to know we care, and that we are here for every player no matter what life throws at you. Building a wholesome server can only be done with your help, so be sure to lend a hand by engaging positively in our community!

A New Look
We asked you guys what makes Craftyn, well… Craftyn. In which a few of you notably replied ‘fish bowl’ in reference to our glass dome spawns. We are almost sad to say that our new spawn will no longer be a fish...