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    A Month of Craftyn: Changes and Additions

    Hello Craftyn!

    It's been an entire month of giggles and tears since our server went up, and we appreciate everybody's patience as we smooth out some wrinkles during this time. We would also like to thank you all for your continued participation in our community and its growth. In celebration of Retro's first month, we are happy to announce a few new changes to our server:

    The Helper Role
    We are excited to introduce our newest addition to the community, the Helper role! This role is pertained to guiding, assisting, and enforcing rules to uphold the server's vision when a moderator is not available.
    The Helper Role will have access to /mute and /kick as a method to discipline rule offenders. While the Helper role was created to direct players with questions and/or concerns, it is not expected for them to know the answers/solutions to all problems. It is also not mandatory for Helpers to engage in their role responsibilities actively, but simply when they are able to.

    We'd like to welcome players SonicAliMan, travelgurl, nattov, and ShinyGiraffe to our team as the first Craftyn Helpers. These players have demonstrated the highest integrity when engaging in our community, and we believe that they will be able to assist in the server's growth even further. We'd like to thank them for choosing to become an example for community members to look up to. Be sure to get to know our new Helpers as they'll be lending a helpful hand and watchful eye!

    A Staff in Training
    We'd would also like to welcome player Tannthekilla onto our official moderating team! Tann will be begin as a Helper as we work towards forming our staff team, but awaiting promotion to Tyro. We recognize this player as a future staff member for having showcased absolute generosity and character by contributing to our server.
    Whether it's been guiding newcomers, maintaining a level head when engaging in issues, or just instituting what it means to be a member of this community, Tann has been a honorable player on our server. We look forward to working with Tann as we're confident he'll help us define our server's vision of transparency and community, while he takes on the future role of an excellent moderator. We'd like to congratulate you on being our very first staff in training, Tann!

    No-Man's Land Repurpose
    Amongst our changes, we would like to announce the removal of no-man's land. We are sorry to say that, the concept of no-man's land has dwindled while causing confusion server-wide.
    Thus, no-man's land will be removed and the spawn's district will serve another purpose of a mini-game hub. With that, as we focus on bringing additional content to the server- we have a few ideas in development to increase exploration and adventure across the server. Rules in accordance to no-man's land will be adjusted.

    Players are now able to create an account on the forums and post, be sure to partake in our Introductions thread to get to know one another as new and old players join!

    Our First Contest
    One of our exciting new things include our very first Retro contest! As promised, we are working towards fun new additions this time around with valuable prizes. The contest is a hybrid between a forums game and in-game event, more details will be coming soon!

    Help Tickets
    Our team is pleased to announce the ability to create help tickets! A ticket is a method in which to notify moderators with a problem that needs overseeing on the server.
    Help tickets can be created for anything between theft, mob killing, griefing, and more. The creation of a ticket saves the location of where the ticket was created, thus allowing staff to go directly to the source if the player is offline. To create or manage a ticket, please see the Guides/FAQ.

    Commands & Abilities
    As you all are aware, the server's grace period is coming to an end. With that, gameplay aspects will be removed or changed as players settle. The following will be changed:
    With the removal of teleportation, mailboxes will be nifty! Happy to say that mailboxes are now fully functioning for all players. To create a mailbox, place down a fence with a chest on top with a sign saying [mailbox]. This will automatically enable the mailbox under your account, in which you will be able to send and receive items from fellow players.

    Creation of chest shops will be disabled in the wild, thus when a player now accesses a locked chest in the wild- the protection will be removed. Stealing is now legal in the wild (Unclaimed land).
    In addition to the removal of chest protection in the wild, market shops are no longer able to be created in the wild as well. Any current market shops in the wild will simply no longer function.

    Since the grace period is over, the high interest rate of 5% offline will be reduced to 3.5% temporarily until the server is 24/7.

    The following commands are now removed due to town creation increasing:
    /tpa here

    Thank you all again for helping our community with suggestions, ideas, engagement, and more!
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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by RarePear, Apr 15, 2019.

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    1. mrrock141
      Congrats for all the helpers and Tann for getting on the Mod team. Also love the No Mans Land Change. Mailboxes are awesome! Minigame hub will be cool. and glad to see the fourms return. /back and /tpa will be sad to see leave but understandable.
    2. graywolf336
      Update: If you have a chest with a lock on it, that chest will be locked UNTIL you (the real owner) interact with it. Which means, all of the chests in the wilderness will be locked UNTIL the owner attempts to open them for the first time. On top of that, no further locks in the wilderness will be able to be created.

      Another update: due to people abusing the Chorus Fruit teleportation (seriously guys, come on), we have disabled their teleportation results in towns but they will still work in the wilderness.