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    A quick list of commands and abilities accessible to all players. Please note that towny commands and chest shop information/formatting can be found separately in Guides/FAQ.


    • /spawn – Teleport to the server’s spawn point
    • /tpa <username> – Request to teleport to a player’s location (Ends April 15th, 2019)
    • /tpahere <username> – Request a player to teleport to your location (Ends April 15th, 2019)
    • /sethome – Set a location to teleport to
    • /home – Teleport to the location you set
    • /homes – Shows a neat GUI to select which home you want to go to
    • /delhome – Allows removing any of your homes, click on their name in the message sent to you to remove them.
    • /back – Teleports you to your previous teleportation (Ends April 15th, 2019)
    Chest/Door Protection
    • /cprivate – Punch a chest/door to lock it
    • /cremove – Punch a chest/door to remove lock protection
    • /cprivate <username> – Enable chest/door protection for other players you’d like to add in addition to yourself
    • /money – Check your balance
    • /money rank – See the top 5 richest players
    • /money pay <player> <amount> – Send money to another player
    • /csn history – Displays the last ChestShop sales you've had
    • /csn celar – Clears the ChestShop sales logs.
    • /msg <username> – Privately message a player
    • /msgtoggle – Toggle whether you want to recieve private messages or not.
    • /global or /g <message> – Chat available for all to see. Do /global or /g to set as default chat
    • /local or /l <message> – Chat available for players in nearby distance to see. Do /local or /l to set as default chat
    • /tc <message> – Chat available for players only in your town. Do /tc to set as default chat
    • /nc <message> – Chat available for town players in your nation. Do /nc to set as default chat
    AreaShop (Spawn Shop Plots)
    • /as addfriend <player> – adds a friend to your shop plot, you must be standing in it.
    • /as delfriend <player> – removes a friend from your shop plot, you must be standing in it.
    • /as me – tells you information about which plots you have rented and when they expire.
    • /vote – Opens a GUI with a list of all the voting websites
    • /vote top – Shows the top voters of the month.
    • /voteparty – Shows information about when the next vote party is fullied.
    • /votebest – Shows your best voting records.
    • /hug <username> – Show love to a player! Must nearby
    • /me <action> – Third-person actions in global chat
    • /afk
    • /ping – Sends back to you how much your ping is
    • /point – sends a particle effect to the block you're pointing at
    • /stats – random in-game statistics about yourself
    • /recipe – shows the recipe in a neat GUI (doesn't have all of them)
    • /list – lists the players online
    • /welcome <playername> Welcomes a player to the server from a list of random messages.
    • Painting Selection – After placing a painting, crouch and right click on the painting to enable editing. Use your mouse scroll to see available painting options before clicking anywhere outside of the painting to confirm it
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