Erickston Is Open For Business!

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    Jul 9, 2019
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    After months of development, the Municipality of Erickston is proud to announce that it is officially open to business!

    The entire town is centered around one simple premise--keep overall costs as low as possible to attract business owners from across the Craftyn realm. This means NO TAXES, NO TP FEES*, and an extremely affordable one-time cost for plots. Since we make our money off of other ventures and sources of revenue, we are able to keep our prices as low as possible.

    We are looking to develop the town into a full-fledged business enclave. Up to twelve 15x15 embassy plots have been set aside for anyone who is looking to set up a business, sell goods or services, or looking to set up an attraction for tourism.

    Each of these plots are going for low one-time purchase fee of 25 mirs.


    Only two conditions apply:
    1. The spaces are not pre-fabricated, so you will have to supply your own materials. On the other hand, there are no limitations on how your area can look as long as it abides by Craftyn TOS.
    2. You may not build past the current upper vertical limit of the ceiling in order to maintain the "underground" theme of the town. Going as far downwards as the game allows is okay, though.

    Join the shops and amenities already in place:
    • Full service railway to and from the Cayman Islands
    • Full service railway to and from Merritt Cove, Spawn (projected completion August 2019)
    • Home of the Erickston Imperial Trading Company and the Erickston Excavation and Surveying Company.
    • Home of the New England Post Office
    • Common area with enchanting table, brewing stand, anvils, storage area, nether portal, furnace array, and food collection area
    • Arena to settle impromptu disputes
    • Public house with full bar (be careful, courthouse is downstairs)
    • As advertised in the town charter, blackjack and hookers
    If interested, PM BurnedExperiment#6654 on Discord

    *10 mir teleportation fee applies to residents of New England.
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