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    Frequently Asked Questions
    These questions will be consistently updated.

    When is the server online?
    While we’re currently building our staff team, the server will only be online when a staff member is available to moderate. Please watch the Discord announcements for when the server is live.
    How do I become a roamer?
    Please read through the introduction book provided to you upon spawning. By agreeing to (Clicking) all three statements provided in the book- you’ll automatically gain building permissions.
    Will there be donations?
    Yes, there will eventually be donations for fly purchase after we’re able to increase our staff team to keep the server running 24/7 as donations aren’t infinite.
    Who are the staff?
    Currently the staff team consists of: Graywolf336, RarePear, and zman72. The staff selection process has been updated- written applications will be replaced with staff/community referrals for outstanding players.
    How do I become staff?
    Staff and the community (x number of players) will refer a candidate for the staff team by marking off a check list of criteria that the player meets and advocating/detailing why they selected this player. The rest of the team will evaluate the referral and player’s behavior (In a time frame) before making vote that’s majority rule- excluding the staff member who referred the player. If a member is referred by the community, the entirety of staff will vote. Player is then offered to train.
    Is mob griefing enabled?
    Nope, you can thank us later!
    Will there be game arenas?
    Yes! These are one of the things that are on our server to do list.
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