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    Minecraft: graywolf336
    Discord: graywolf336#0770
    Instagram: b_hilton92 (I don't post much)

    Craftyn/Minecraft Background
    Way back in 2009 while I was in high school and attending college at the same time, a friend had introduced me to Minecraft. At first, I thought it was dull, but then we threw up a quick server and played together. If I were to keep this short, I would say "And the rest is history." :ROFLMAO: But I will expand on it just a little more.

    It started off as a small community server. I had made a post to the Minecraft Forums about wanting staff since it was open and I realized how quickly I needed people to help me. After a few successful weeks, we shut the server down to the public because we had some neat ideas. As we built things, I realized I needed a co-owner and none of the people at that time were qualified. So, I went to the Minecraft Forums again and kazeen responded. From there, we grew the server and at one point the player count didn't drop below 100 people for several days.

    As a result of that and players wanting features, we both looked into plugin development and made the first version of Mailbox which was extremely buggy because we had no idea what we were doing. :confused:

    Over time, we both lost interet in Minecraft and the direct result of that was the community of Craftyn dwellended. Then real life caught up to us both and it was time to shut down the server. But now, Craftyn is back for Retro sake and we are enjoying the community!

    I am 26 years-old and a software engineer. Rocket.Chat is my employeer which is the best Open Source team communication tool out there. :cool:;) Traveling is my hobby and an expensive one at that. :emoji_sweatsmile:
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