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    Apr 15, 2019
    Hello to all! My username is ShinyGiraffe, you've probably seen me around :LOL: My journey with Craftyn started around 2012. For awhile I also ran a town called Olympus with another user named SQuiGGleYY. I am lucky enough to be one of Craftyn's helpers, so I hope you can rely on me in the future. So happy to see its return and how much of the community has come back!

    About Me:
    Steam: ShinyGiraffe
    I am 23 years old living in upstate NY. I am currently in my last semester in college majoring in Interior Design with a focus in BIM software. I hope to get a job in an architecture/engineering firm doing comprehensive planning and design!

    I currently work at a spice shop part-time! There's only 5 employees, and they grind their own spices and make their own blends. One of my passions is cooking so right now I am always in spice heaven :p

    My Hobbies are cooking, makeup, video games, and D&D.
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