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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Kevo, Jul 4, 2019.

  1. Kevo

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    Jul 4, 2019
    Hey all!
    Was snooping around the internet at 2am like I normally do and realised that Craftyn has indeed been revived! Looking forward to making a start on it tomorrow.
    I was a member of Craftyn a few months before the so-called "flash" (big oof). I believe my username at the time was either "Terreria123", "Sheepy-Da-Sheep", or "_IamToast_" (and no I am most certainly not proud of those names). My Discord is "NotKevin". I wasn't too good when it came to in-game money and was always asking for money from my buddy Lachlan who was the founder of a town called "Rivendell". Needless to say they were some of the best months of my childhood so I'm very happy to come back to this and hopefully create a steady income this time...
    Also thinking of live-streaming this over on my twitch RealKSH_. (cheeky plug I know)
    Some stuff about me;
    My name is Kevin. I am 16 years old, from Ireland, currently working for an agricultural engineering company at minimum wage (another big oof). I've been playing video games most of my life but I also enjoy mountain biking, track and "the fastest game on grass" which is Hurling.
    I look forward to meeting ye all and hope many new memories will be made :)
    Cheers, Kev.
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  2. Max_Traitorus

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    Jun 22, 2019
    Welcome back! I don't know you from Classic but nonetheless it's great to see a returning player. I too am thinking about livestreaming but here's a hot tip: we should wait till the server is more public before livestreaming so we don't flood the server with newer players with so little staff. Anyhow, welcome back and hope to see you around!
  3. MinerSmall

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    Apr 25, 2019
    More than anything, it'll be nice to have someone else in my time zone XD, welcome back.
    (also if you need a secret tax free bank account you know what town to inquire in)
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