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    Jun 22, 2019
    Welcome to Max's Creative Desk!
    This is going to be a thread where I post my ideas for the future of the server. Anyone is welcome to chime in with their thoughts about my ideas and criticize/praise those you find interesting. This list will be updated every now and then so come back to check up on new ideas!
    Without further-ado, let's get right into it!

    Idea: Item linking.
    If memory serves me correct, Classic Craftyn has a command like /show to display the item currently in your hand in chat, allowing everyone to see the item's name, enchantments and description. I would love this feature to return so everyone can see the beauty that is my "(data-expunged) 9000".
    Idea: Elixir's/Concoctions
    Potions are a valuable resource, and with training and reaction speed: a life-saver. But alas, each potion takes up a single slot in your inventory. This prevents you for going that extra stretch to get that diamond ore or that sweet sweet elytra. So why not combine these potions effects into a single bottle? Outnumbered and hurt? Take a Battle Elixir to gain Strength and Regeneration! Need to reach a location fast? Take a Exploration Concoction to gain Speed Boost and Jump Boost! Wanting to explore the mysterious depths? Take a Aquatic Elixir to gain Water Breathing and Night Vision! This will help player's have more inventory space and provide the benefits of multiple potions at once.
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