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    Apr 20, 2019
    Hey guys, you might know me, or you might not, but here's my intro:

    Also, my name is a mind experiment for me to see how much people butcher it, or get it the way I pronounce it.(Hint: Space it out.)

    I started on craftyn in 2014 and made some friends, but slowly had gotten fed up with being behind. I had took a hiatus and then popped back on in the summer of 2015, to find that I had been booted from my town, and having nowhere to go, settling in what was NinSegCom.
    I had made friends with Sonic and S0uX, and Kitten. We all know what happened that summer, so I'll just say, It was sad when the server was coming to a close. I had met one of my best friends on the temp server, Kaboom36. We pretty much got along very well, and we became fast friends in no time as the time on there was ticking away... for the last 3 years, we kept in contact, and well, here we are now.
    Now I am the Mayor of Pankeki, and hopefully I can make my way to staff.
    IRL I used to live in Florida with my father, and now I'm a junior at a alternative high school in Michigan. I'm 17, and well I have a few mental quirks. Im just super awkward, I have low self esteem and I'm kind of a dork. I overthink things a lot too. Just know that if you are having a rough time, you can talk to me about it and I can try to help and give some guidance or encouragement or whatever =3 I've been through a lot, so yeah!
    Thats about it for me. I'm happy to be back!
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