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    Hey all,

    At this moment, we can all agree that there are two issues surrounding the economy:

    1) There are a small amount of people with inordinate amounts of money and large amounts of people who don't.

    2) Players are not receiving enough money to keep up towns / mass spend on goods.

    I have found a solution to both without punishing rich players for earning their money.

    Player Banking.

    What is player banking? And why will it solve the issues above?

    Player Banking is a plugin that allows players to set up their own banks. From the creator's github (, this plugin allows:

    ##Make your own bank As a player with the right permission you can create a bank (playerbank). This will allow you to earn money on interest and the signup fee. The owner of the bank decides who he wants to give loans, by ether approve or deny their requests. The owner is also free to decide what interest group (predefined in config), maximum allowed loan and fee (maximum fee is defined in the config).

    ##Language support This plugin allows you to edit every message that are shown to the player. Look at messages.yml and config.yml for more info.

    ##Permission support You can decide which players are allowed to make banks, but you can also specify groups that defines how many loans those players can have and the maximum allowed loan. This helps avoid abuse by new players of low rank, or that they would be tricked into taking a big loan with very high interest.

    ##Interest and autopay task Automatically adds interest and autopay (configurable) every day (irl) at a certain hour. Autopay is a feature where a fixed amount is pulled from the borrower (if available), to pay down the borrowers loan.

    ##Cleanup task It's possible to allow a cleanup task to run at a certain hour every day. This task currently only removes READ messages and transactions, based on how old they are (configurable). Its also possible to remove the logs after an interval, but these would be removed regardless if they are read or not. If you do chose to use this feature I would recommend to have it pretty high, a few months or so.

    ##Blacklist feature for bank names You can specify what names they are not allowed to use for their banks. Please note that this is a very simple system, the players can easily get around this by modifying the word, e.g adding extra letters behind the word.

    ##Expansive information about everything that goes on. Important events are logged to console and every transaction is also logged so that both the receiver and sender can see it. They will also be notified in the chat when there is new information available to them, if they are not online when the information becomes available they will be notified next time they login. Bank owners and managers will also be given a report that summarize the information about loans that have been payed down.

    ##Add one Manager to your bank. You can add another player to manage your bank. This player will have limited authority. See "/pbank manager" for a list of what the manager can and cannot do.

    ##Anti-abuse features.

    • You can define groups that have a maximum allowed loan and how many active loans they can have at the same time.
    • Bank owners cannot change interest rate on loans that are activated.
    • The system will attempt to pull a fixed amount from the borrower every day. if he has less than the expected amount, then the system will take what it can get.
    • Bank owners must approve every loan request.
    • You can define a maximum fee in the config.
    • You also defines the interest rate categories in the config (default are 0, 2%, 5% and 10%)
    • These banks only uses the players own money, if someone does not pay their loan then the owner will never get its money back. Make sure your players are well aware of the risks of lending out money.
    ##Minimum loan You can specify a minimum loan amount to avoid people borrowing just 1 coin etc (configurable).

    ##Sign support The bank owner or manager can make signs to make it easier for players to borrow and pay down their loans. When the player clicks the sign you have created they will automatically request a loan with the amount on the sign. Its also possible to make a "payloan" sign that allows the player to pay down the specific on their loan. Type "/pbank sign" to see instructions.

    Let's look at #1. If the uber-wealthy players create banks, they would 1) have to pay a fee to create a bank, and 2) once created, they'd be able to use their money to help finance others who need said money. This helps the economy as those who require money for projects can receive it.

    But won't people just take out loans and then say "lol why should I pay you?" Won't towns just be founded in one day, and then their mayor leaves for good?

    Bank owners have to approve loan requests made by each requester. This means that banks will have to factor in whether their loan will be paid off. This is how the system works in real life. Banks do not work without risk and hence which is why this can either mean a gain or loss of money for said uber-rich. It's a risk like the lottery, only bigger. You reap bigger rewards or lose a bigger amount. Furthermore, as stated, there can be a max loan amount limit, preventing massive losses or abuse against the bank owner.

    This would easily allow players who don't have a load of money to start a business or a town (which if you play real estate and taxes correctly, is technically a business). This would allow the uber-rich to help those who could use their money while potentially earning more or less and not punish them for having tons of wealth (rather having it as a benefit).

    Now, the spawn bank.

    We should gut it in favor of these player banks. Player Banks will allow for player-made banks to allow users to make their own bank accounts, and also have their own interest rates. Furthermore, said interest will come out from the bank owner's bank.

    Lastly, I would like to touch up on people who intentionally take out loans and avoid repaying them. Even though the plugin will try to auto-take from said borrowers, if one of them is a mayor, it is highly possible that they would stick it into their town bank. If this happens, I believe a tiered punishment system should be set up where severity and occurrence of said intent will determine the punishment.

    I hope everyone will consider supporting the player banking plugin showcased today! If you do or have any concerns, please drop comments down below and I will try my best to respond!

    - coole
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    Overall, this is a neat idea and possibly one that I can get behind.

    @coolepicbuilder can you clarify what you mean here? If this was to take place, then I feel as if the server and server's staff team should not get involved in any of the affairs of the players banking. The same rules would apply to this system as applies to the rest of the server, including the harassments and killings and all that. This would require the player bankers to talk amongst themselves and let each other now who pays and who doesn't.