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    Apr 25, 2019
    Roamer applications used to be an integral part of Craftyn society, they provided an important barrier between hackers, greifers and quick quitters and the rest of the server for many years. However, on CraftynRetro we have abandoned the idea of roamer applications in favour of a book which is supposedly easier for new players to use - which it certainly achieves- but still makes the guest read the rules of the server and check that they promise to never ever break them. However, I have one very very big problem with this substitution, out of the thousands of terms and conditions contracts you've accepted, have you read even one fully? I certainly haven't and I suspect that is true of the majority of people. The problem with the new book system is frankly, its useless, its just annoying enough to put off some people from playing but fails in its very purpose, to filter out those who are nuisance to the server and it's community. While i would never pretend roamer applications are perfect, they are far from it, it is at least some filter to the cesspool of players about. I think a lot of people, including me, would prefer some filter to no filter. And to those who say it would prevent the server growing, were you not on the last server? We regularly achieved 30+ people online, had one of the most active forums on the towny minecraft scene and actually built a stable community out of good, dedicated people.
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