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    Apr 17, 2019
    Hey everyone!

    As the school semester begins and syllabi (???) arrive, I see a long path ahead of me. I will have to dedicate time to IRL social life and my academic career, with little time left for the server. Henceforth, I will find it hard to run Boston throughout the upcoming semester.

    So I’m selling it.

    I remember coming to these conclusions 4 years ago, wondering whether to sell off my town. 4 years ago, it peaked and had a declining population as we entered a Roamer shortage. These 4 years have repeated themselves and henceforth I cannot see myself running Boston anymore.

    I am willing to sell Boston at a negotiable price. Please do consider the effort placed into making the town before setting on an offer.

    If you are interested in owning Boston, please PM me on the forums or Discord and I will try my best to reply ASAP.
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