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    To submit a suggestion, please post a new thread or submit your idea to the 'Suggestions' channel on Discord. This page will be updated when able.


    Server Plugins/Sites/Related
    • Jobs Plugin
    • War Plugin
    • Faction Mobs Plugin
    • Bank Notes Plugin
    • Bank Interest Rates Lowered IN PROGRESS
    • Nation Upkeep Lowered IN PROGRESS
    • Nation Town TP Lowered IN PROGRESS
    • Outposts Price Lowered IN PROGRESS
    • Add Co-Mayor Rank IN PROGRESS
    • Adjust Assistant Permissions IN PROGRESS
    • Add Plot Clear IN PROGRESS
    • General Server Schedule
    • Blast Email IN PROGRESS
    • Add Roamer Applications
    • Add Town/Nation Forum Section
    • Allow players to moderate forums
    • Allow Helpers to decide suggestions
    • Remove suggestions, trade, screenshots, and Craftagram on Discord (Increase Forum Activity)
    • Server online/offline indicator on Discord
    • Add town reaction roles on Discord
    • Add Reports Channel on Discord
    • Add Politics Channel on Discord
    • Add Quotes Channel on Discord
    • Ability to Overwrite Homes
    • Ability to Create Bank Signs
    • Add Mob Egg Capture
    • /kit (Reacquire Introduction Book) IN PROGRESS
    • Adjust/Reset Economy
    • Lottery Entries By Voting
    • Increase Voting Mirs
    • Remove First Vote 100 Mirs Reward
    • Tips (Encourage Discord) IN PROGRESS
    • Server Chat Colors (Make Trade Chat/Messages Pop)
    • Spawn Signs (Basic Commands)
    • Add Combat Tagging IN PROGRESS
    • Active Server Resets (Rail Lag | Towny Time Efficiency)
    • Set world difficulty to normal or hard IN PROGRESS
    • Enable Plot Fire-Spread IN PROGRESS
    • Remove Rain/Snow
    • Remove View Distance Cap
    • Cap villagers per plot, increase villagers amount on the server CONSIDERING
    • Legalize Natural Mob Farms
    • Decrease skeleton horse spawns IN PROGRESS
    • Enable Mob Griefing CONSIDERING (1.14)
    Physical Server
    • Voxelport
    • Black Market
    • Public Furnaces/Crafting Tables
    • Fun Box
    • Secret Recipes
    • Monthly or weekly reset of the end and/or nether
    • Change Shop Plots Outline
    • Prevent towns from claiming end portal IN PROGRESS
    • Mobs (x amount) limited per chunk IN PROGRESS
    • Sieges
    • Town, or town shop, of the month to encourage player shops

    TPA availability for 30 days; possibly with a fee ✅ (30 Days – No Fee)
    Lockette in the wilderness for 30 days ✅ (30 Days)
    Markets in wilderness for 60 days ✅ (Number of Days TBD)
    Disable donations/fly ✅ (Until server is 24/7)
    Add beacons at spawn for health regeneration & hunger ✅ (Effects w/out beacon)
    Dynmap or town teleportation for portal worlds ✅ (Post coords in Discord for a warp to be created)
    /back ✅ (30 Days)
    /tpahere ✅ (30 Days)
    /afk ✅
    /home 2 ✅
    Archive announcements/Separate joins ✅
    New server screenshots tab ✅
    Add links to voting site ✅
    Town discord voice chats ✅
    Mob management plugin ✅
    Add link to towny commands list ✅ (Found here)
    Trade channel on Discord ✅
    Lottery Plugin ✅
    Lower base lottery amount ✅
    Discord channel to talk to people through calls ✅ (Text-to-talky)
    Combine command channel and bot channel into a single channel on Discord ✅ (pancake-x-voldetort)
    Have the mods ping players (@everyone) in announcements for changes ✅ (We do that!)
    Market tab on the forums (transfer

    Increase loot rate in fishing, periodically or all-day Saturday/Sunday ❌ (Ruins Econ.)
    Methods to craft unobtainable items ❌ (Ruins Econ.)
    Bad lion anti-cheat client ❌ (Mini Mods = Legal)
    Mob-stacker, disabled villagers ❌ (Lag)
    Add Rhythm bot to Discord ❌ (Banned)
    Random Teleportation ❌ (Changes Exploration)
    Grief Prevention Plugin (Claim Land) ❌ (Towny)
    MCMMO ❌ (Changes Game Dynamics - MCMNO)
    /seen ❌ (/res)
    Allow players to join multiple towns ❌ (Impossible)
    Anime channel on Discord ❌ (Random Channel)

    Physical Server
    Resource World ❌ (Limitations)
    Admin Shop ❌ (Player-Ran Economy)
    Test server for trying out new updates where players can get paid as test subjects ❌ (Not Effective)
    Increase shop plot depth ❌ (Limited to promote town shops)


    Voice chat channel ✅
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Not open for further replies.