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    Apr 15, 2019
    My Name is Travelgurl most of you call me Travel I joined craftyn back in 2013. I am proud to say I was part of the staff team Pre-Craftyn Retro also I was once the Editor for the Mirabil Weekly. I founded the town of Moogleville with Sreolla was very proud of the town we had created

    As my name suggest I do enjoy travelling and I have been blessed with traveling to many places China, Vietnam, Germany, Hungry, France, England, Poland, Czech, Belguim, Cuba and Parts of Canada and the USA. I enjoy my Music Books Tv and movies too many to list them all

    I am Currently 28 years old I have 2 college diplomas one in Travel and Tourism and this past year I received my Personal Support Worker Certificate. I currently live in central ontario in Parry Sound, (home of hockey player Bobby Orr) I work In a long term care nursing home on the dementia unit. I recently have have been blessed by becoming a mother to my beautiful daughter

    I can't wait to see you around the server
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