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    Some may recognize me from PreRetro Craftyn under the user SonicAliMan. I was a post-flash player, having joined late December 2013. My cousin, s0uX, told me about Craftyn when it was pre-flash period (Summer 2013) but I chose to play single player until I felt I was comfortable with Minecraft. I still go by that user, but if I could I'd change it to Typh but then people wouldn't recognize me :emoji_sweatsmile:. Most just call me Sonic, after all, part of the inspiration for that user was the blue blur himself. My name is Ali, pronounced the way it is in the Prince Ali song from Disney's Aladdin, that should be easy to remember. Anyway, I am 20 years old, a CS major thinking to go into Software Development though I am giving myself more time to think about which path to take.

    I love playing Nintendo games, classic Sonic games for the Sega Genesis, Mega Man, and more! My first video game was Pokemon Gold in first grade and the Pokemon series has stuck with me since. I don't really play any of the 3ds Pokemon games but anything before that I've probably played :emoji_grinning:. If you're interested to see a full list of games I've played feel free to go through the attachment I linked below. I enjoy spending time with buddies outside of classes mostly during the summer, we've had several sessions dedicated to playing games at my place. It's always fun, there'd be food and drinks, giggles, friendly beef, just a great time overall :emoji_blush:! I allocate a lot of time into improving in Nintendo's 2001 classic: Super Smash Bros. Melee. I'm surprised my hands still function after rigorous training since late 2015 :emoji_openmouth:. I love watching competitive Melee, but I've played all the Smash Bros. titles (Smash 4 being the least interesting from personal experience) and I have access to all of them, been a smash bros fan since a little before Super Smash Bros. Brawl came out in 2008.

    Random Fun Facts
    • I chose the username SonicAliMan while I was at my best bud's home around freshman year of high school. It was the day before he had to move out, we happened to play Minecraft Pocket Edition and SonicAliMan was the best thing I could come up with. I considered just AliMan but it didn't sound right to me at the time.
    • Super Smash Brothers Melee was the first Smash Bros. game I ever played, despite playing Brawl most of my childhood, but I was in fourth grade and had no idea what was going on while at a friend's house. My first match was playing as Kirby on Hyrule Temple :emoji_tearsofjoy:. I didn't own a Smash Bros. game until freshman year of HS, it was Brawl, and I was playing that a friend's house prior to me buying it.
    • I have an older sister and a younger sister, and a younger brother! :emoji_openmouth:.

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